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"Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight."-Ben Franklin
The Marble Caves of Patagonia

A rare natural wonder of our planet is currently threatened by the possible development of five dams close to the Marble Caves on the boarder of Argentina and Patagonia, Chile. This system of caves has 3 main parts to it; the chapel, cathedral, and cave. Those wishing to explore the caves must do so through kayak, and only under circumstantial weather making it a truly unique, and rare experience. 

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No photoshop necessary :)

No photoshop necessary :)

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Ted Bundy, People Magazine 1980

Ted Bundy, People Magazine 1980

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6 Days in Syria

These events have taken place in Syria May 5-11th, under President Bashar Assad as he continues his attempts to silence the opposition forces in his country.

-Twin suicide bombs in Damascus: 55 dead, 370 injured

-Roadside bomb: 6 dead

1 week yields 61 deaths, 370 injured

370 injured: Most will likely die of insufficient medical care, suffering until their last seconds of life. Injuries include missing limbs, eyes, parts of faces, shattered skulls, broken bones, internal bleeding, and many more. These injuries are impossible to treat without a medical facility, proper surgeons, and proper medicine to avoid infections. Seeing as how most medical hospitals have been disintegrated by the bombings, make-shift ones have been made. These facilities are shoving the wounded into cramped abandoned houses without even bandages to cover wounds. 

Want to donate? Your money will go toward supplies, food, and proper medical care

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